Volleyball League

About Volleyball League

The Volleyball League Platform brings everything necessary to organize and to run a league.


  • Indoor and beach leagues
  • Registration of teams
  • Team contacts and players
  • User administration and authorization
  • Fixtures incl. calendar export
  • Fixture changes, entry of results
  • Result lists and tables
  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • Shared use of venues
  • Referees


  • Individual settings (e.g. number of records, number of rounds, etc.)
  • Individual pages, e.g. for the game rules
  • Optimized for mobile devices: Comfortable operation on smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs
  • Localizable for language, region and time zone
  • Runs on Windows und Linux
  • The platform software is Open Source and published on GitHub.
Running: volleyball-liga.de v6.6.0+32d52108e99ac320eadfa07501d110256a06648a, League v6.7.1+26ab49902 and TournamentManager v6.7.1+26ab49902